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Saint Teresa of Avila School
Schoolwide Learning Expectations

A Saint Teresa of Avila School student strives to be .......

A Committed, Active Catholic who:

  • Internalizes Catholic values and moral understanding by practicing the virtues of forgiveness, honesty, social justice, tolerance, compassion and respect for life and all of God’s creations.

  • Has a clear understanding of their faith by learning the doctrines and traditions of the Catholic Church and the message of the Scriptures.

  • Has developed a personal habit of prayer, regular Mass attendance, reception of the Sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation.

  • Actively volunteers and willingly shares their time, talents and treasure with others.

An Active, Lifelong Learner who:

  • Has developed proficiencies in all basic subjects and demonstrates achievement and consistency in effective communication, critical thinking and independent problem solving.

  • Uses effective organizational and study skills which enables them to follow directions, demonstrate responsibility and accomplish goals.

  • Has a continuing curiosity for learning, solves problems resourcefully and accepts constructive criticism for the benefit of her/him self and others.

  • Utilizes available resources effectively, including modern technology.

  • Is able to apply their learned knowledge and skills to their own life situations.

A Universally Aware Citizen who:

  • Appreciates their own cultural heritage as well as the richness of the diverse cultures of all people in our world

  • Has learned the importance and impact of current local, national and world events and the people who shape these events.

  • Accepts their moral responsibility to participate in the democratic process.

  • Participate actively in student government.

  • Appreciates the need and accepts the responsibility to protect our earth’s environment.

  • Has a healthy respect for authority and understands the need to obey rules.

A Confident Communicator who:

  • Articulates ideas clearly, creatively and effectively through speaking and writing and is capable of utilizing current technologies.

  • Speaks with confidence and poise and is able to apply etiquette in working with others, both publicly and privately.

  • Is able to listen actively and respect others views and opinions.

A Well-Rounded Person who:

  • Is able to demonstrate strong self-discipline and takes responsibility for their actions.

  • Is willing to ask for assistance or instruction when needed and always tries to work out problems, whether behavior or academic.

  • Is able to work independently as well as interdependently in order to accomplish common goals.

  • Takes responsibility for projects through cooperative interaction: initiating, planning and executing them fully.

  • Is confident in their personal abilities, whether it be academic, music, dance, art or physical fitness.

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