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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for STA Microschool:

    • Is St. Teresa of Avila a Catholic school?
      Yes, St. Teresa of Avila is a Catholic elementary school. We are proud to uphold and integrate Catholic teachings, values, and traditions into our curriculum and daily life​

    • What is the age range of students at STA?
      STA Microschool caters to students in the elementary age range, from Transitional Kindergarten through Grade 8 (ages 4-13).

    • How do you incorporate Catholic teachings into the curriculum?
      Catholic teachings are infused throughout our curriculum, enabling students to deepen their understanding of faith, moral values, and spirituality. We offer religion classes, participate in liturgical celebrations, and engage in service projects rooted in Catholic social teachings.

    • Do students need to be Catholic to attend STA Microschool?
      No, students do not need to be Catholic to attend STA Microschool. We welcome students from various religious affiliations and embrace the opportunity to foster dialogue and understanding among different faith traditions.

    • What extracurricular activities are available at STA Microschool?
      STA Microschool offers a range of extracurricular activities to cater to diverse interests. These may include sports, music, art, gardening, clubs, and community service opportunities.

    • Is financial aid available for families?
      Yes, STA Microschool strives to make Catholic education accessible to all families. We offer various financial aid and scholarship programs to assist families who demonstrate financial need.

    • What is the student-to-teacher ratio at STA Microschool?
      At STA Microschool, we maintain small class sizes to ensure personalized attention and engagement. Our student-to-teacher ratio varies but typically falls within the range of 15:1.

    • Are there before and after-school care programs available?
      Yes, STA Microschool provides before and after-school care programs to accommodate the needs of working families. These programs offer a safe and nurturing environment for students outside of regular school hours.

    • How can I arrange a visit or apply for admission to STA Microschool?
      To schedule a visit or inquire about the admission process, please contact our office. Our staff will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information and guide you through the application process. You may also submit an application online.

    • Are there opportunities for parental involvement at STA Microschool?
      Yes, STA Microschool actively encourages parental involvement and values the partnership between parents and the school. We offer opportunities for parents to volunteer, participate in school events, and engage in parent-teacher organizations.

    • What sets STA Microschool apart from other schools?
      STA Microschool stands out for its commitment to academic excellence, character formation, and spiritual growth within a nurturing Catholic environment. Our dedicated educators, strong sense of community, and holistic approach to education create a unique educational experience.

    • How can I stay updated on school news and events?
      STA Microschool communicates regularly with parents and the community through various channels, including newsletters, emails, social media platforms, and our school website.

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